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Inquiry Study #4:  What's the Matter in Your Motion?
This inquiry study will have a content learning focus in Science.  Students will explore properties of objects and materials.  Through observation, predicting, and experimenting to test hypothesis, they will investigate using their five senses, cause-and-effect relationships found all around them, throughout everyday experiences.  Key knowledge and understanding focuses on states of matter (physical properties) and cause-and-effect relationships related to matter and energy (movement). 

We will plan for opportunities for students to observe and learn about the key science understanding - within their real world context.  For example, we will do nature walks to observe water in various states of matter.

Literacy skills we will be learning include oral language, alphabet practice, and understanding print.

Math skills we will be learning include number recognition, counting, simple patterns, measuring objects with different units (for example, unit cubes, paperclips, sticks, etc.)

Key Vocabulary for this Inquiry Study
Five senses, scientists, matter, solid, liquid, gas, push, pull, kick, roll, compare, comparative language (shortest, heavier, biggest, smallest), hypothesis, conclusion

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